May 19 - 30   Los Angeles CA
Opening night May 19  |  7:00 - 10:00 pm

Dépaysement is a french word meaning the feeling one gets from not being in one’s own country, of being a foreigner.

In honor of the Asian American Heritage month of May, Asia Photo Review has partnered with Nous Tous Gallery to bring you Dépaysement: a photography exhibition with work from over 30 international and award winning photographers showcased from May 19th until the end of the month.

Join us for our opening night event as we present these photographers' projects in print and digital projection.

454B Jung Jing Rd, Los Angeles, CA 90012, USA


May 25 - June 2   Los Angeles CA
Opening night May 25  |  8:00 pm

Photo exhibition on the Opening Night of the Garifuna International Film Festival

In the last few years of my research-oriented travels, I’ve spent time in the remote corners of Northeast India where the elders still worship the sun and the moon and speak an unscripted language that is rapidly dying; slept in the homes of the last remaining headhunters; visited deep in the heart of the San José del Pacífico where the Mazatec curanderos still journey beyond earth ; and shared stolen laughs with the last remaining tattooed-faced women of the forgotten mountains, capturing portraits of cultures on the brink of extinction.
With every dying culture, a great amount of precious wisdom is being washed away; languages forgotten; unscripted, centuries-old knowledge fading as new, western philosophies are being adopted by the younger generations. Their acute wisdom, intelligence, innovation and creativity must be preserved if we are to breathe a rich, polychromatic existence.

1416 Electric Ave, Venice, CA 90291, USA


Solo Exhibitions

2017 Sacred India: Advaita
Rishikesh Art and Film Festival
Uttarakhand, India

2017 Advaita
Uttra Art Gallery
Uttarakhand, India

Group Exhibitions

2017 The Beatles Visit to India
Santa Monica Assembly Hall
Santa Monica, California, USA

2017 School's Out Forever
Legato Art Gallery
Los Angeles, California, USA

2017 Evoking the Unseen
Venice Love Shack Art Gallery
Los Angeles, California, USA

2017 Advaita
Topanga Canyon
Los Angeles, California, USA

Presentations & Lectures

2017 Storytelling, Filmmaking & Consciousness
With Marc Baraka Strauch, Rishikesh Art and Film Festival, Rishikesh, India

2017 Evoking the Unseen
Organizer and host for Evoking the Unseen, an event featuring live classical music, poetry, and a photography exhibition